As I sit next to Doug in his room at Benefis Peace Hospice, knowing that his body will die soon, I feel overwhelming gratitude for the support, encouragement and positive feedback we've received through my Facebook posts and our blog posts.  (I'll create a separate web page to share those FB posts, for those who may have just found us.)

During the past year Doug and I developed a grand vision of writing, speaking and teaching together all over the world after he healed from penile cancer.  When we realized that healing wasn't going to happen, we decided to share very openly about what we were going through, and every time I read a comment from someone who benefited from our journey, Doug felt so happy.  In fact he cried a few days ago when I told him he was teaching exactly what he'd always wanted - that everyone is worthy of self-love and the events in our lives don't get to define us, we get to define ourselves.  

I know that I'll learn and write much more about that as time goes on.  For now, I look forward to seeing our community of Dougiephiles (those who love Doug :)) grow as you share your own reflections on this page.  Thank you for loving us along the way, for lifting my wounded spirit as I heal from this monumental loss, and for "putting self-love in it." ~Annie


Jenessa DeRosa
11/04/2016 2:15pm

Doug and Annie,
From the moment I met Annie, I knew she was special, but there was always a little piece missing, until she met you, Doug. The moment she told me about you, was the moment that I saw it. She was finally complete. She was finally at peace, she had finally found her beloved. When you two found each other, the most beautiful love story unfolded from there. It's been an honor to be a part of your story, not only to witness this perfect love, but to give hope to so many struggling.
You two met and fell in love at a time when I was realizing I had married the wrong man, I had no hope, and was was so beautiful, and gave me so much hope. I kept looking to the love you two shared when I was at my lowest points.
It brought me such joy to present my beloved, my one true love, and my other half to you two last February. It was like my "hey, you guys!!! I found It too!! I finally get it"!! ❤️❤️ I was so excited to get a tour of the house, and when Annie and I came back downstairs, and Tony and Doug were chatting and laughing like old friends, Annie and I just looked at each other and smiled, I think both of us beaming with pride that we had found our beloved's, and they meshed as well as Annie and I. Tony and Doug had an immediate connection, and the four of us became close, every time we are able we make time to see our favorite couple.
We only regret not getting to spend more time with you both, as we so enjoyed our time together.
You two will forever be in my heart, and I believe with all of it that you two, no matter the distance will never be apart.
Love you both, so much!!!!

McKenzie Spalinger
11/04/2016 2:24pm

I absolutely loved passing Doug in the hallway or seeing him around the office at work! He was always happy and cheerful and it was impossible for him not to make you smile as he would say hi and pass by with a huge happy grin. What a little piece of joy to brighten your day!! His joyful spirit radiates onto others.

11/04/2016 3:13pm

Doug, we've never personally met ... but I'd like to think that I know quite a bit about you because I got to know what kind of a man would make Annie bubble with joy.

You see, a number of years before you and Annie were an item, a lovely and vivacious Being showed up at my door here in Austin, Texas ... and over the next few months we enjoyed quite a few metaphysically inclined sessions together. I got to know Annie quite well during those sessions ... I was blessed to get to know her joys ... as well as her perceived fears and tribulations.

We connected deeply ... so deeply in fact that in 13 years of practice, I've only explored and engaged with two clients outside of my studio on a personal basis .... and Annie was one of them.

So, when she moved to Montana, it was a joy for me to get to watch her blossom and grow. Yet, I knew that she longed for a closer connection in Montana ... and I was elated when you and her connected.

I want to convey my gratitude to you for Being a worthy man ... for standing up and living your Truth to Power as a man for Annie over these years. As a witness to the power of your relationship, it has been a blessing and a comfort knowing the full measure of a man was fully meeting and encountering Annie in all the ways she needed to be met. Make no mistake: You've done well, my friend. You are a yeoman.

I see you. I hear you. I thank you. My wish for you is a gentle and peaceful abundance of goodness in whatever is next in your journey.


Heidi Williams
11/04/2016 4:31pm

Hi Annie and Doug:
I just want you to know what a beautiful inspiration of tender love and unending grace the two of you have been to me. I love your heart and your utter positive regard for one another. I am so sorry that the two of you are facing this, and I am praying that these last moments that you have together will give you strength in the next chapter of life. God bless you and keep you both. Heidi

11/04/2016 6:38pm

Doug, I don't know you personally but as I told Annie, through walking in your shoes of blunt honesty I feel I have known you my whole life. I am so inspired by you two, your strength and love is beyond this world. African way of life is to not let go of a person until they go then you wonder how to even then. So this is new for me and I let you fly to a place of peace and sure we will meet again.
I will still get that tatoo, for two reasons, to celebrate you as I always remember your strength can be mine too and because it is a way of me breaking free from so many things I have bounded myself in. It will be the first reminder of applying self love everyday. Will miss you and your posts, will do my best to talk to Annie and always send lots of virtual hugs and love,until our paths cross.

From my heart to both of you through this season, peace.

Lucy, Kenya.

Colette Longin
11/04/2016 7:06pm

Dear sweet Doug,
When Annie first brought you to meet us at Amelia's volleyball game, I had no idea that you would also become my friend. I remember being taken back at all those tattoos! And thinking this big, burly guy was unlike anyone my Annie girl had ever chosen! And what a blessed thing that ended up being! Thank God for Doug!
I came to love and enjoy you for your kind spirit, your laugh...your ability to relate to anyone, your thoughtfulness and your general happiness about life. But mostly, for what you've brought to one of my best friend's lives. I am beyond grateful to you for showing her what true love looks like...what it's like to have someone care so deeply for her, and her heart. The joy and happiness that has emanated from her since you came into her life are such gifts...unbelievable gifts...and you've forever changed her. I hope you know how incredible that is.
Thank you for showing her that true love is real...and possible...Thank you for that gift for my Annie. I will never forget the beauty of what I'm witnessing as you both travel through this heavy, difficult time. The beauty of grace shines around you both...but the LOVE that surrounds it, and you, is a gift to all of us. To be witness to this all has been life changing, and life so many...many who don't even know you. It's a beautiful thing, what you're fulfilling here...though it is painful, so many are learning and expanding because of it. Thank you for being a teacher. Thank you to both of you for being teachers.
I truly stand in awe.
I love you, Doug. I'm thankful I got to hold your hand and tell you that, and share a hug. I felt the beauty of your heart every time.
You are a special spirit.
And I look forward to meeting up in the next lifetime.
And whenever I sense the angels, I'll know you're there, too.
I love you both! Forever!

Tami Scott
11/04/2016 7:23pm

Dear Doug,

I am another person who never had the pleasure of meeting you, but certainly have gotten to know you through my dear friend Annie.

Today when I was driving home, a song that I love to listen to came on my iPhone. It was Annie's Song by John Denver. To me, this is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. I fondly remember living with and laughing with 20-year-old Annie Barron. She would talk about this song and dream of the day that the love of her life would sing it to her. Fast forward 25 years. I listen to that song often, and think about the amazing gift that was brought to her when you entered her life. Thank you for loving her so deeply. There is a special place in eternity for the two of you to be together again some day. Blessings and peace to you.

Love, Tami

11/04/2016 8:07pm

My friend Doug, We are all interconnected as you already know. Thank you for showing up, telling the truth and sharing your heart and your journey. In deep gratitude for " putting selflove in it" life changer. Rest well, you did good. Aimee

Catherine Shaw
11/04/2016 11:00pm

Doug and Annie...What a wonderful life you two have shared. Not many are fortunate to find, have and enjoy the love you share.
Your story is a reminder to us all that our time is not guaranteed and that there is not a moment to waste when we have been given a special gift of someone who loves us unconditionally. Doug.. my only regret is not really having the opportunity to get to know you personally. I, however have been blessed by crossing paths with your beloved Annie. During my nearly two years of meeting with her she opened my eyes and my heart to what is truly important in life and did so without passing any judgement. She helped me at a time in my life when I was discouraged, lost and felt hopeless and helpless. She guided me through those times often sharing stories that included you both and your experiences to illustrate her points. In those times I got a glimpse of you, and how much you meant to Annie. When you were diagnosed with cancer last year, I distinctly remember the call from Annie sharing that news and the devistation she felt at that time. Apologizing for canceling scheduled meetings and such. I understood of course even though it meant I had to go without her expertise and guidance for several weeks as she supported you, it gave me a chance to work through my issues and make some life changing decisions. I now knew what was truly important in my life and how I needed to make necessary changes to achieve a higher level of happiness and peace of mind. I have missed Annie this past year but have always remembered the lessons she taught. Self love being one of them. Doug.. this hand you have been dealt sucks plain and simple. Yet despite this, you chose to face this head on with as much positivity as one could possibly do given the circumstances. The hardest part I would imagine is knowing you will have to leave your beloved Annie behind. Annie is well loved by everyone she has contact with and part of that extension comes from her love for you and what you both stood for. I am not really sure what else I can say here except I love you like a brother I never had. I love you because you love Annie and have made her life whole and complete. I wish you God's blessings, mercy and favor as he ushers you home and welcomes you with open arms. You will be made whole once again and free from pain. Annie will move ahead and be comforted by the love for you that she will forever hold close and deep within her heart. You can be assured those of us that know and love Annie will stay by her side and do our best to comfort her in her pain and sorrow and help her find the sunshine once again. Find peace in your heart Doug, close your eyes and rest in the comfort of the beauty and love of your beloved. Let the angels from heaven carry you peacefully to your new eternal home.

Kris Davisson
11/05/2016 9:27am

We'd always know when you'd arrived to one of our family events because your laughter would fill the room! Your devious little smile would tell us you were always up to something. You have a heart bigger than most and an unconditional love that few have. I've missed you over the years but am so, so blessed to have reconnected. We love you Doug!!! As you enter into your eternal reward - God's smile will be huge because one of His favorite children will have arrived home. Sweet rest my dear friend...

Jessi Holycross (Wilson)
11/05/2016 9:30am

I want you to know how much I cherish the memories of you from my childhood. To say my house was "tumultuous" is an understatement, you know better than I do. I need you to know how grateful I am for taking the time to show my sister and I what a loving home could be. How a man could be a father who cares, listens, and empathizes. Those times may not have seemed like a big deal to you, but the care and compassion you showed to me meant the world. I don't think I even realized back then what you were doing, but in my adult life, I now know. You wanted us to feel loved, and I will forever treasure that knowledge.
I love you so much ❤️

Anne Duffy
11/05/2016 9:45am

Annie & Doug-
I so wish I had the gift of writing interesting musings like both of you. There is nothing like true unconditional love, which you display marvelously. I met Doug in Austin & knew Annie had finally found the love of her life. Annie, you are amazing & Doug has made you even stronger. Thank you for trusting us with your story. Love to you both.

Jamie Riche
11/05/2016 10:04am

Dearest beloveds,
Thank you. Thank you for living your truths fully and sharing them so very generously, most importantly that beautiful space you found and created together.

I have been holding sacred space in my heart for you both in these closing weeks, days, and hours of transition. That space has been as much a grace for me as for you. (And, yes, I put a little self-love in it!) I hope you each feel a gentle sweetness in the truth that even in your time of transition, you are spreading such love. My heart to yours, your lives matter. You each have, are, and will continue to make this world a better place just for the fact of your being.

"Lovers do not finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along."

"Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there."

- Rumi

Friends, with a heart broken wide open in all the best ways, I love you.

John Francis Grasso
11/05/2016 10:26am

To my "Brother in Arms", Doug,

I'm there with you as I know you'd be here for me if roles were reversed. When I was first diagnosed with Penile Cancer, my world fell apart. I had no idea what to expect. It's a rare cancer, which is one of its pitfalls. You understand. Because of its rarity, here in the US, there are no advocacy groups, no support networks, not even a ribbon for us. Through Wayne, and checkyourtackle, though far apart, we found each other. Having you, and the other Brothers in Arms in our support chat has helped me not feel so alone, so isolated and afraid. Our caregivers are irreplacable gifts; I'm grateful for my support network, but having a group of men who understand first hand what I was going through has been invaluable. Now you face what we all fear, our own mortality. You do it with grace, strength and resolve. I admire you. I love you. I stand with you in solidarity. I hold your hand. I understand how you feel. If this disease is any sort of blessing, let it be the fact that by sharing it, we share the burden of it.


You have been chosen by the Gods to do sacred work on this earth. You are a priestess. If the day comes where I face this journey, I would consider myself blessed to return to the ocean of consciousness in the company and care and profundity of love that you shower Doug.

Karrie Wilson
11/05/2016 10:38am

Both of you have shown great strength and courage theca very deep trial of your lives. I am grateful that Doug found true happiness with Annie. Your dedication and devotion to each other is inspiring. Doug always made the choice to be happy in whatever circumstance he faced. He knew how to make people feel welcomed. His presence was larger than life and I have wonderful memories of events of our lives together. From games to roadtrips, scottish pirates to a russian businessman-he brought us to belly laughs while curious but suspicious outsiders observed. I feel blessed to have shared two smart beautiful girls with this man. I wish you a peaceful journey to the next dimension of life and know you will be received with much grace and love.

Gretchen 0.
11/05/2016 10:53am

Hello, Doug. Just thinking about your Annie makes me smile with so many memories. I met Schmanie at the very start of our freshman year in college and she was part of my circle of friends for those four wonderful years. I adored her cello playing and when my youngest chose to play the cello I was so happy! Not sure she'll ever be up to Annie's par, but...!
I spoke to Annie on the phone not long before she met you. She was lonely and I so longes for her to have someone like you in her life. I was so happy for her when I heard that you had come into her life! You may not have had a whole long time together, but you lit up the world with your joy together. Be well in heart and spirit as you move on from here. Know that God loves you beyond imagining. May you walk with him as you depart. Love to you both. Gretchen

James Freeman
11/05/2016 11:13am

Thank you, Doug and Annie for your gift of transparency, courage, and love to the world. It is a better place here because the two of you chose to share with everyone. It would be easy to withdraw and retreat and you lived out the openness you believe it. Thank you. May an overwhelming peace be there for both of you in these days.

11/05/2016 11:26am

I remember when I heard that Annie had returned to Austin with her beloved. I had no idea what to except. When I met you in our living room I immediately liked you and saw a beautiful, kind, generous heart with a great laugh. I appreciated how well you seamlessly came into our community and fit in perfectly. I appreciate your gentle spirit and your incredible bravery and wisdom in the face of your health challenges. Thank you to you and Annie for teaching the sweetness and power of love. Peace to your body and love to your souring soul. Thank you for sharing this life with me. The lessons from your heart will remain with us until we join you. Much love and peace to you.

Sharon Latifah Wilson
11/05/2016 11:42am

Doug I am so grateful to have spent time with you while you lived in Austin! You beautiful smile always brightened the room. Is enjoyed just being with you as you brought joy to my heart! You will forever bring a smile to my heart! Until we connect again! Love Latifah Sharon

Jason (Jake) Rose
11/05/2016 11:46am

A man of too many friends comes to ruin,
But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24.

You Doug, have been that friend that is closer than a brother to me. I had no idea when I met you nearly 16 years ago, that you would come to mean so much to me and my family.

I first met you when Shelley and I where starting a youth group at church, and we med to see how you could help. It was apparent from the start that you had a tremendous heart for others, a deep capacity for love, are fiercely intelligent, and had a great sense of humor. As our friendship deepened, we both realized that we had pain in our lives, but were committed to not letting it break us. We bonded over the good and bad.

We had amazing times: Hanging out with the youth group, teaching, games, camping (remember when you lost your keys in the lake?) Spending time with our kids You were there when both of mine where born. You would rock side to side when we would rock our babies, just to keep eye contact. LAN video games (you rocked the magnum in Counter Strike!) Football (watching and playing - I still shudder at the impact when your feet slipped out on the grass after your booming punt. I remember we woke up my entire family cheering after Bret Favre's one play overtime touchdown pass.) Beach trip's, remember when the youth van cough on fire under I-205? Role pay, table top games (Pirates!) Costume parties........

So many good times. And some really hard ones. You really helped me put pieces of my back together after I lost my fire career. your love and friendship showed me that people out side of my family still saw value in me. It was my honor to stand by you when you needed me (remember when you dislocated your finger?) or when things went sideways for you. Thick and thin, your friendship has been genuine and 100%.
I love how we said we would never apologize for time spent not in contact after you moved away. Than any time we will just pick back up again. A friendship where two people keep no account of who paid last,called last, etc; but was always generous. That is rare.

When you left for Montana, there was huge void in all of our lives (mine, Shelley, Paul, and Jessica.) The only thing that made it OK was that you found Annie, your beloved. We love her as well. Your happiness shined like the Bat Signal! Remember Shelley had threatened to zip you up in a sleeping bag and beat you with a frying pan if you picked a woman poorly! She was thrilled to not have to do that.

Most of all sir. Through times of joy or sorrow, you taught me how to grow in love. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and am a loving person. But you pushed the boundaries for me to love outside of my comfort zone. To make love of all around me my mission. I have adopted that. Hopefully I will be as good at it as you are. But you have made me more Like Christ in my ability to love than any other.

Now from afar, we stand together in one last trial. I cannot imagine a world with out you. I know we will meet again. Hopefully there will be a good Tawny Port. Love is to small a word, my brother. Be at peace and rest in Christ's arms.

Your legacy of love will live on 100 fold.

Love you - Jake (aka Jakestrap, and athletic supporter.)

11/05/2016 11:55am

Doug- you are a man with great tenderness and generosity. You are a man who sprung into action, when I needed help- whether it was a tech issue for Gabe's office or me needing an immediate short-term babysitter. You helped me set up the crib for our baby boy, even though it made u sweat from how hot it was. You were so willing to give. And now, I hope you will be able to receive -to receive peace, joy, and that self-love. Hugs from Bozeman. ❤️️

11/05/2016 12:17pm

When Jenn and I got married we decided and articulated that one of our main purposes for being together is to be an escort for each other, to walk beside, to support, to help each other. You and Doug are a great inspiration. I will remember your loving example of the way you and Doug escorted each other on your journeys and hope that I can have half the strength, courage, and love that you have.

Dianne Fortier
11/05/2016 12:25pm

Annie and Doug, always an inspiration to stay strong and love yourself. Doug you were always a light of courage. Every time I would see you you brought joy with that great big smile, I will always remember. To see you two together was always an inspiration of how much love you had for each other. Annie may your beloved rest in peace.

Meagan Keener
11/05/2016 1:32pm


While I didn't have the chance to spend much time with you, what I do know is how much you meant to Annie. I remember the day she met you...the joy, the laughter, the light that suddenly shined so bright! It was a light I had not seen come from her before and I haven't seen from any other person since! The connection you two have is one of admiration and inspiration. You two are a love story for the ages...a dynamic duo...spreading love and joy to all you meet.

Doug, your light and spirit will continue to glow from within Annie and continue to touch so many others until the day you two meet again.

Go in peace.

Vickie Nelson
11/05/2016 2:16pm

Doug, Reflecting on our time together at work, I can't think of a day that passed where you didn't have a smile on your face. It's clear how intentional you are about seeing all things positive in life. What a rare and precious trait! I really appreciate your work ethic- always giving your best and trying to please others and meet their needs. Work hasn't been the same without you, but enough about work. Please know that you and Annie are surrounded by love and support right now. I know you are in good hands at hospice and I'm praying for your comfort and everlasting peace.

11/05/2016 3:34pm

Annie & Doug, we have never officially meet in person, but we are connected with a special bond. We have travelled together through out this journey, we have been there beside you guys, we have and felt the same pains daily. Most importantly I hope that you guys have not felt alone in this journey. I thank you for sharing your time, story and passion with us all. Helping us getting more awareness and support out there for penile cancer and what it can do to you and your loved ones. I have learnt some stuff along the way and it just makes my focus on this cancer even more passionate. I made myself a promise 2 years ago that if I could help those diagnosed with this cancer feel better about themselves and to help support as much as i can, I am sorry that you guys are in this position and my heart is breaking knowing that we have maybe have not done enough in this time. Doug you are a legend and a champion for speaking out and sharing your story, hopefully one day it will help save many more of us men going through this terrible cancer, you are an inspiration and please hold your head high knowing that you are the better man and be proud of what you have and will achieve Until we meet again my friend

11/05/2016 4:13pm

Doug, words cannot express how grateful I am that you came into Annie's life. You have an immense capacity for kindness and for love and I saw that with Annie and with your daughters. Sometimes I really wonder where God is in moments like this and with outcomes like these, but I know where he is: he brought you and Annie together and while I, like countless others, will mourn what could have been, I will spend more time celebrating the person you are and the fact that you and Annie elevate each other every day and will continue to do so no matter what. I saw that through my camera, even though I also offer that your love for each other defies photography. I heard something in a movie once that seems so appropriate now: "there is no goodbye, there is only love." For you and for Annie, truer words were never spoken. I love you both.

Suzanne Davis
11/05/2016 6:00pm


My kids and I will love you forever. Forever will we be changed by the time our lives intersected yours. The twins still have the pirate ocean game and we don't even know its name anymore but Aarrgghh did we all have fun building our ships....

You have since day one been one of the most loving beautiful people I have ever met. The man whose job I was hired to take became one of my best friends and most admired people. Few are as selfless as you have always proven yourself to be.

I remember my kids and I moving you from your townhouse to the 'castle on the hill' and the many times we played games there as friends. You were, in their youth, one of the best role models anyone could imagine for their kids and mine are so expanded for the time you spent.They even still remember seeing you sing the Hallelujah Chorus one Christmas.

Annie you were and are and will ever be his dream come true and I am so grateful for your time and for your love and continued example. I hope to be friends forever as you have touched us just as Doug has through your love. Love generates love and you are loved. Doug is love.

We love Doug into eternity we love Doug.

Suzanne (with Greyson, Kelsie and Madison)

Linda Schmidt
11/05/2016 6:33pm

Annie & Doug,
As we all approach the end of our physical journey, we may stop to wonder if our lives were meaningful - if we were successful. Success doesn't have to be associated with fame or fortune. I define success similar to my girl scout camping days when our goal was "to leave this place better than it was when we arrived." Doug, I have never met you but I have read enough tributes to know that with the joy that you have spread, the lessons you have taught, and the love that you have shared, the world is a better place than it was because you have graced it with your presence. Your life here is a huge success!

Something else comes to mind at this time. In a song by Nat King Cole called "Nature Boy," the lyrics that remind me of the two of you are, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." You two have given each other this gift and learned the greatest thing this physical life has to teach.

Most people think we are physical beings seeking our spiritual purpose in life. I agree with those who propose that we are actually spiritual beings looking for our purpose in our short physical time on this earth. Doug, I know that you will be bathed in pure white light and love when the time comes for you to transition from your physical journey into your spiritual flight. Go peacefully and with joy. You have succeeded. You have received and given the greatest gifts. Your love for each other is eternal as it is not of this physical world and so, it never dies.

Sending you both healing light and love. Go with pride and joy. Be not afraid. <3
~Linda Schmidt

Lauren Steinbrecher
11/05/2016 6:40pm

Doug and Annie--

Annie, whenever you spoke of Doug, I could see and feel the amazing love and connection you two share. I remember when you told me how you didn't know at first when you started dating Doug that he had written a book. My reaction was something like "Woah, he's an author? That's so cool!" Your face lit up and your eyes showed such wonderment and pride as you said something to the effect of "I know, how amazing is that?!"

I also remember the excitement, Annie, when I saw your tattoo, and you were almost giddy explaining to me how you and Doug both got tattoos. There was something so spur-of-the-moment and happy the way you talked about it, and I knew Doug was a huge part of your joy. I thought to myself how neat it was you were both inspired about these tattoos together. Even in this small instance I could see the togetherness and oneness you both radiate.

Hearing a bit of your past and story, Annie, then hearing you talk of Doug and how he affected your life made me smile thinking that he was truly the most perfect person for you, offering complete and unconditional love. In fact, he represented what most women dream of in a man!

I have always seen what a positive and profound impact Doug had on your life. In your photos together, you both share such genuine, joyous smiles. So many people live their lives without ever experiencing what you two emulate so strongly.

If there's one thing I think when I think of you both, Doug and Annie, it's how truly amazing it is that the universe brought together two people who had different and separate journeys before discovering each other, and that those people built such an amazingly strong and loving bond that rippled out beyond themselves and served as inspiration to those around them.

Your love will continue to radiate in everyone who has been following your journey. You, Doug, have made such a beautiful mark on this world.

Steph Szirbik
11/05/2016 7:40pm

Doug and Annie,
Following your journey has reminded me so much about what real love is. So few of us get to experience true, unconditional, unwavering love. You, Doug and Annie, are the epedimy of just that. I want to thank you for reminding me of self-love. I've always been proud of the person I am, but detested the body that encompasses me. The morning you posted about self-love, I hit "love" on your post and headed to the gym like every other morning at 4:45am. I sweated thru my hour and a half workout, when I came home and got ready to jump in the shower all I could zero in on was the fact that my tummy never seems to shrink. All these negative thoughts swarmed around in my head, then I thought back to your post, and how you both view self-love. And it reminded me, my purpose of working out has nothing to do with what I perceive as flaws with my body, and everything to do with simply being healthy. So I embrace my tummy roll, and instead have decided to view it as every good meal I've shared with those I love...tons of great memories live there! Thank you Doug (and Annie) for reminding me what is important and if I can't fully love myself, I'm not able to fully love those in my life. You two are truly an inspiration and I thank God every day that I am able to share your journey with you. God bless, and all my love and prayers to both of you.

11/05/2016 9:31pm

I am moved by the depth of love expressed daily by the two of you, Doug and Annie. I feel an intimate richness and an inspiring rawness in how you have shared your life.

I woke this morning thinking I wanted to some how display both of your primary books weaved together side by side expressing a timeless generosity and love like the one I see in both of you. I love that I know you as authors and friends. I love how your contributions will live on forever. Thank you both for being loving and generous souls and for sharing your love with me.

For those of you reading this, you can use the link through my website I provided, to see images of the books by the authors Doug and Annie Wilson with links. Purchasing their books is one way to support while getting the added benefit of diving into their generous worlds through their published words.



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