Just before moving into in-patient hospice care Doug surprised me one morning with a love letter he'd written for me.  A couple of days later he read the letter aloud so I could record this video. I am so glad we did that!  Hearing my beloved's voice and seeing the love in his eyes reminds me of how truly adored I felt, every single day of our life together.  
For me, there is no gift more valuable than that.  If you are reading this and yearning for true love, know that I am seeing you fully adored, first by yourself and then by the one who will become your favorite. You (we all) deserve such happiness!
Here is the letter, for those who prefer to read such beautiful words:

My Beloved Angel,

Words cannot express how I feel about you (and it seems like my fingers can’t find the proper spots on the keyboard either. I’ve never had to type so many backspaces in my life).

In any case, my heart fills with joy at the thought that one day I will be rejoined with you in another dimension and we will be able to fully share the depth and breadth of all creation together.

I thank you for so many (yet so few) years of passionate, deliberate and empowered 
love that we have embraced together. With you, I have found reason and joy. I have found love and perspective and everything I could have wished to find in life. You have led me to the four corners of the earth, to the farthest reaches of the universe and to the ends of space and time. And all of that was just this morning when I thought about you stepping into the shower.

Do I really need to say how your beauty rivals that of the great master sculptors of 
all time? Or that the greatest painters of all time could never capture an iota of your 
glory? Somehow, I think that if I did manage to capture all those things I would 
make a fissure in the universal time stream and all of the universe would collapse in 
on itself. And that could screw up what happens after I transition, so I don’t want to do that.

What I really want to do is express my love for you. I’m not clear on how to do to that.

I will try to be as succinct as I possibly can:

You are my everything.

Without you there would be nothing and I would have no reason to be here.
I am trying to debate whether I should share this with you this morning or
have you wait until I pass. I believe I will share it with you now, because
it will be nice to see your reaction with my own eyes.


12/23/2016 7:59pm

It seems wrong to say you are so lucky...but in ways you are! What an eternity you can look forward too! ❤

12/28/2016 9:09am

You are so right, Lynn. Thank you. <3

12/26/2016 10:55am

I think it will be good if you supporting video here... :)

12/28/2016 10:49pm

Wow! I was so touched by the article. Love moves in mysterious ways indeed. It is a greatest gift you can give to your other half. You are very lucky to have each other. Good luck and God bless to your future endeavors. I know both of you can do it.

02/22/2017 4:45am

This letter is so touching! It was really hard for me to read the whole letter.


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