As I think about the next segment of our penile cancer story, I’m struck by the fact that the last two posts occurred within the same day, and that was in October of last year! And we’re still in the thick of it.
Your comments, messages and reactions have helped me to recognize, even more than I had already, that Doug and I share a very special, life-affirming love. I am one blessed woman. And today’s my 46th birthday, which is funny because for the past year I’ve thought I was 46! I’m calling this my do-over birthday.
AND, I received the most unexpected and wonderful gift today! My blog was seen by a man in England who’s part of a closed penile cancer support Facebook group and that led to Doug and me being invited to join the group (Penile Cancer Awareness and Support). It feels so good to connect with other people dealing with this extremely rare and uniquely painful cancer.  Support really is all around us.



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